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Executive Director

Michael Diaz is the Founding President of the Latin-American Cinemateca of Los Angeles. Actively involved in a number of groups working to preserve Los Angeles history and culture, he is a former board member of the Los Angeles Conservancy and past Commissioner of the Los Angeles Historical Records & Landmarks Commission. He is the founder of the Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Preservation Association and currently serves as chair of the Lincoln Heights Historic Preservation Overlay Zone. He is the recipient of a Los Angeles Emmy for producing a bilingual-educational series.



Alexandra Cruz

Program ManagerCruz__Photo.png
In 2013, Alexandra graduated from University of California, Riverside with a double Bachelor of Arts degree in Film & Visual Culture and History/Business Administration concentration in Marketing. Once graduated, she knew her passion was in bringing awareness to Latin American cinema. Soon after, she began several internships with Latino International Film Festival in Los Angeles (LAIFF), Los Angeles International Film Festival, Arenas Entertainment, Shoreline Entertainment, Outsider Pictures and MultiVisionnaire Pictures. In 2014 she began her 2 year stint as Programming and Marketing Coordinator for the Guadalajara International Film Festival in Los Angeles (FICG in LA), which showcases the best films from Latin America here in Hollywood.  

Alexandra began getting involved in LACLA in 2012 as a volunteer and slowly has moved up the organization and now is managing all LACLA events since 2015. In addition to managing LACLA events, she is the Manager of Acquisitions at MultiVisionnaire Pictures, an international sales agency.

Alexandra is first generation Guatemalan- American that loves film and loves screening the extraordinary work that has been created and is being created south of the border. 



Marissa Hicks-Alcaraz

Program CoordinatorMarissa__Photo.png

Marissa Hicks-Alcaraz is a PhD student at Claremont Graduate University in Cultural Studies with an emphasis in Latina/o media arts. She received her M.A. in Cinema Studies from NYU, focusing primarily on the intersections of race, identity and representation in Latina/o and Latin American film. She co-curated “Orphans at MoMA: An Amateur Cinema League of Nations,” a program celebrating 20th century amateur filmmaking. She also curated a screening and panel discussion at NYU of the Mexican cannibal horror film, Somos lo que hay (2010). As co-organizer of "Encrucijadas/Encruzilhadas 2015: Corpos/Corpus/Corpses: Dialogues for Latin American Cinemas," she curated the symposium's guest filmmaker program with Mexican director of the postmodern zombie film Halley (2012), Sebastian Hoffmann. She has worked as a film curator for The Markaz, a non-profit cultural arts center, and has helped organize the 2015 Watsonville Film Festival and will be curating its horror film segment for 2016.


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